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Ulpiano says that during the 1980s, Galván was already living in Murcia, but back then was known as Salah Gabhan Benia. "He was clearly an educated man, a man of the world.

The medical reports from the Al Idrisi hospital in Kenitra confirmed that seven children were sexually abused and raped.

Before arriving in Spain, Galván told people he had lived in Morocco, the United Kingdom and Canada.

By 1992, Galván, now using his Spanish name, had secured a Spanish passport, and in November of that year, his Iraqi qualifications were homologized by Spain's Ministry of Education.

A 15-year-old girl who worked as a home help for Galván, along with her sister, had previously brought charges against him after he allegedly exposed himself to them and attempted to force them into having sex with him, but their parents withdrew the charges after making Galván to agree in writing to marry the eldest and maintain the other.

They were then sent back to work for him, and he continued raping them, the pair told the court.

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