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Season 2, Episode 6December 6, 2013Carrie develops writer's block, and Weaver's efforts to help her do more harm than good.

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Seconds after she says that they he asks if he could be the first to kiss her. In the episode "A first time for everything" Miller lends Dorrit a book, they discuss it at his apartment.Season 2, Episode 1October 25, 2013In the second-season opener, Carrie meets Samantha Jones while spending the summer in Manhattan with Walt.Elsewhere, Mouse attempts to ignore Maggie at the country club; and Tom discovers that Dorrit has a boyfriend.Season 2, Episode 2November 1, 2013Carrie and Walt have problems with their new roommate.Meanwhile, Samantha dispenses sex advice to Mouse; Walt tries to declare his true feelings to Bennet; and Tom's plans for a romantic weekend with his girlfriend go awry.

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