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Are you usually joined on the sofa by your best friends, your family or a housemate?By giving specifics, people can use the details to say what they have in common with you.“I like going out or staying in” – Instead of using this popular, yet generic term, let people know where you like going out and what you enjoy doing when you are relaxing at home.

Adjust the app settings if details are being shown that you’d rather keep hidden for safety reasons.There are some online dating messages you just don’t reply to.I shared 19 of them last week with the post 19 Reasons I Didn’t Reply to Your Online Dating Message.Explain whether you like to be glued to a thriller in your downtime, or would rather do DIY while listening to .“I like going to the pub” – Instead of saying this, try to set the scene, as it can help a potential date to picture spending time with you at the pub.

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