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Sending unsolicited nude pictures could be classed as sexual harassment and land you with a criminal record.

The filter is just one of a series of measures the has been introduced to combat a series of security issues they have pinpointed as the most problematic in online dating.

“I think the majority of online daters want penis shots and gratuitous body flashing shots to be a thing of the past,” Matt Verity, co-founder of said.

The move comes after it was found crimes associated with online dating have risen by 450 per cent in the past five years.

Every photo that is uploaded onto the website is pushed through a filter that detects face and nudity.

It then scores the picture and will reject if it detects a certain level of nudity.

Dating and Relationship Coach India Kang said don’t write a long essay on your profile.

She also advised that you should keep the profile light and fun.

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Use your male privilege to help us speak out and tell them it needs to stop. Once, David Schwimmer was being interviewed in a cafe.

Don’t think of rape anxiety as a phobia that we can learn to control or simply brush it off as attention-seeking. Because the cafe was very noisy, he invited the female interviewer to his hotel.

” If all those awesome guys who refuse to objectify us, could get some indicators about how to channel their masculinity in a positive way, that would be kind of revolutionary. It is the silent fear I have when I walk alone in the dark.

It’s a major reason why I don’t get too drunk on nights out or leave my drink uncovered.

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