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But when she offers to buy him a hot meal, she ends up getting involved in far more than she bargained for.Director: Peter Szewczyk One day in the life of an alcohol addict.Both siblings live in the shadow of their mother and share painful childhood memories.Director: Filip Bajon The story of Jan Himilsbach, the iconic Polish character actor and talented writer, who was originally a stoker, a sailor and a mason.She is accompanied by her lively Masurian-born grandmother Elsa and a handsome Polish photographer named Marek.Director: Miroslaw Bork Former resistance fighter visits Warsaw after 15 years of living abroad.With the help of his girlfriend Krysia, Kuba attempts to regain control of his life.But when she's at work, Kuba is home alone, and it becomes hard not to resist the temptation.

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He decides to go home to his aunt and uncle for a while, but gets involved ...The movie traces the numerous ups and downs in his exceptional life.Directors: Malgorzata Lupina, Stanislaw Manturzewski As every year, the celebration of All Saints Day brings Polish families together at the graves of their loved ones.Director: Wojciech Has Son's painful memories of his father's lifelong alcohol addiction turn to be traumatic for both of them.These memories make them realise the booze inheritance in their family. Director: Marek Koterski A group of retired esteemed actors plans to stage Goethe's Faust.

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