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So far, the most any single player has won is 6, according to the app’s leaderboard section.The money is delivered to users’ Pay Pal accounts once they win more than . Right after Twitter announced it was shutting down Vine, they released Hype: a Periscope-style app for mobile social live streaming. HQ Trivia comes from two of Vine’s founders, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, who last year formed startup Intermedia Labs.But it’s become a popular group activity, especially in offices.According to Yusupov, some workplaces are setting aside time to play the 3 p.m.” and “What was the most downloaded i Phone app of 2016?” (answers: “central processing unit” and “Snapchat,” respectively). “We try to make the questions, topical and interesting, something you can talk about,” Yusupov said.

To Lightspeed partner Jeremy Liew, HQ Trivia represents of the next generation of game shows for digital audiences — just as, in his formulation, Twitch is the digital descendant of ESPN and Cheddar (in which Lightspeed is an investor) is the next CNBC.

HQ Trivia has had more than 150,000 unique installs in the U. since it launched, with 112,000 of those coming in November to date, according to app-research firm Sensor Tower.

The app is currently available only for Apple i OS devices.

Players must answer each multiple-choice question within 10 seconds, which hampers the ability to do a Google search for answers.

When Intermedia Labs first started designing HQ Trivia, the company assumed people would play the game solo.

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