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Qorban actually is a religious holiday in Iran that people sacrifice a lamb for this person instead of answering properly, just say some relevant and irrelevant words without any verb! دیر With = Ba................................................ So if you all want to come over, You're very welcome !

he says: we, the lambs,party, birth, wedding ..fact he is trying to say that we celebrate this day but he can't! :-) By the way, I have been on Jam-ee-Jam a while ago, but I don't remember the singer's name nor the name of the song, could you help me find it back if I give you details about the video ? i didn't know that these languages are spoken there...

In others he wore a very similar off-the-peg suit bought on the high street.

The differences in the suits were very minor – we controlled for all the big differences such as color and fabric, as well as making sure the face of the model was pixillated so that there could be no hidden messages in the facial expressions.

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Surely people use proper evidence to make such judgements? People rated the senior manager less favourably when her dress style was more ‘provocative’, and more favourably when dressed more conservatively (longer skirt, buttoned up blouse). (C) Small changes in clothing equal big changes in perception: The interaction between provocativeness and occupational status. February 2015, Volume 72, Issue 3-4, pp 105-116, DOI 10.1007/s11199-015-0450-8 I taught for few years in a country small high school.In a second study in the journal (see below, 2) we have investigated in our lab an issue that women often report encountering in the workplace - differential gender-biased standards and being judged as less competent than men, even by other women. We made minor manipulations to female office clothing to see how this affected first impressions of them.We also researched whether the occupational role of the woman made any difference to these impressions.The models were described as having different occupational roles, varying by status (high – senior manager, or low - receptionist).The images were only presented for a maximum of 5 seconds.

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