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You can drag the inside of your traffic feed up or down to pause it or see older visitors. Often they will be contained in If your website host doesn't allow you to use Javascript, you can still get an image version of the Feedjit Live Traffic feed.The data in your sample feed is actual live data showing people visiting right now. Note that this version does not update in real-time because it loads as a static image.Then I’d reload the csv files every 10mins in pandas, filter the data based on reactive inputs, and output them with dash. If it turned out that the overheads of querying the DB and performing transforms weren’t that bad, then you’ve just saved yourself a lot of work.My reasoning is that I’d think performance would be vastly improved if the data transforms were handled by another process instead of being generated on the fly with a sql query in dash. Also, if you see a lot of the same queries, caching the callback functions (with an expiry value on the cache) will save time on at least some requests.The Album of the Year race included Lamar (“Damn”), Jay-Z (“”), Mars (“24K Magic”) and Childish Gambino (“Awaken, My Love”), along with Lorde (“Melodrama”) on her only nomination.Did the recording academy go just as bold with their winners as they went with their nominees? (All times listed are Eastern.) pm — The live Premiere Ceremony hosted by Paul Shaffer is about to begin at Click here if you want the non-javascript version of Feedjit.

And yes, having another process is probably a good idea, otherwise you will block the process running Dash (or at least one of the worker processes) from handling requests while it’s busy.

Feedjit improves engagement and creates a live user experience. Your Live Traffic Feed keeps the 100 most recent visitors. If the feed is in the top 30% of your page you can watch it all day and it will continue to show new hits.

If you have any questions, contact us using our contact page. If it's below the top 30% of your web page, it will stop updating after 3 minutes until you refresh the page.

You're about to join over 1 Million site owners around the World who use Feedjit to improve user engagement and create a live surfing experience. When you are ready, sign-into your website and edit the template for your sidebar.

The feed on the right-hand side is your sample feed that you can use to customize what your Live Traffic Feed will look like. Look at the structure of other elements in your sidebar.

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