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“To claim these people come to South Africa to take the job, and that’s why you kill them? Like the promise of his one moment in time, like the change it might bring… The broken country he helped heal feels broken again.

Bored one afternoon, he sat on a gate on the side of the road as a group of men came running past in military formation.

He barely stopped running, thinking the headlights of his uncle’s truck were seconds from illuminating his stride through the dark.

One other thought crept into his head – and it was so powerful, he repeated it in his native Zulu, over and over: ”Uma ufuna ukuba uphumelele, khohlwa konke.” (‘If you want to succeed, forget everything.’) He found work in Kriel gardening for an older woman, who gave him room and board.

He pleaded with his uncle, only to be told that someone would have to tend the cattle while his children were at school.

He dreamed of being a famous soccer player, like the late John ‘Shoes’ Moshoeu of the national team.

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