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The implications demonstrate a true UV Sterilizer's ability to lower oxidative stress on fish and other inhabitants (including plants & corals) and work to provide a better Redox balance as well as known disease prevention & clarification abilities.

It is easy to see that the UV Sterilizer tank goes through these stages well ahead of the control tank.Infrared light is wavelengths over 1000nm, while UVA is around 400nm, and UVC is around 250nm.That covers the visible spectrum and immediate neighbors, all the colors are between about 450 (blue)-700nm (deep red to near IR).I have used most every type of UV Sterilizer & Clarifier over the years, including; the Nektonics UG Filter UV, the Lifeguard, Aqua UV, Emperor UV, Terminator UV, Aqua Top UV, TMC UVs, Tetra UVs, and the list goes on!! Strohmeyer; Aquarium Keeping Bio See these articles about the use of medium pressure versus the better but more expensive low pressure UV Bulb: *UV (UVC) Lamps (Bulbs) used in Aquariums and Ponds and how they work *Actual UV-C Emission from a UV Bulb; Aquarium or Pond These low end UVs often have very limited life times due to design, such as ballasts/transformers that last as little as 8 months.The UVs I promote cover different niches from lower end to higher end.

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