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He sets out on a path to destroy Osvaldo and his family, and begins by impregnating Jimena, and goes along with the plot to pass the child as Max's.

Max eventually finds out that Jimena's child isn't really his, but Guillermo's, which destroys his marriage.

She seeks solace from Juan Pablo, who is now a respected priest, and, unknown to her, is also her real father.

Her identity is revealed to him in a secret confession from his mother Bernarda; he is therefore unable to reveal himself, as he is bound by the laws of confession.

Juan Pablo Iturbide Montejo (Diego Olivera), the future priest, son of Octavio (Eduardo Santamarina) and Bernarda (Daniela Romo) is attracted to Victoria, the attraction is mutual.

In a night, Victoria becomes pregnant with Juan Pablo's child.

Victoria finds support from her friend, Antonieta Orozco (Erika Buenfil) and together they find work in a Rodolfo Padilla's sewing company, owned by Rodolfo Padilla (Salvador Pineda) the father of Federico (Fernanda's ex-boyfriend) (Manuel Garcia Muela).

Meanwhile, Maria is really pregnant with Max's child, but keeps her pregnancy a secret.

She sacrifices her love and happiness so that Max can fulfill his mother's wishes to marry Jimena.

Bernarda intent on revenge, convinces herself that God has chosen her to enact his punishment on Victoria.

She attempts to kill Victoria and her daughter, but instead only succeeds in separating them.

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