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Families were now able to borrow 0 a year for each dependent child in school regardless of income. The maximum award amount for the 2011–2012 award year is ,500.Despite a shortened application process, fewer funds for the 2011–2012 program could lead to financial problems for many students.Student aid programs administered by the US Department of Education are contained in Title IV of the HEA and so are called "Title IV Programs." In 1972, Title IX Higher Education Amendments were a response to the distribution of aid in the current grant.Senator Claiborne Pell set forth the initial movements to reform the HEA.Today, the Pell Grant program assists undergraduates of low-income families, who are actively attending universities and or other secondary institutions.

Education represents an opportunity to take the straight and narrow, to break the cycle.The government funded the program at .1 billion from 2008–2010, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.However, the additional funding does not match the needs of increasing numbers of students who enroll in college and qualify for aid through the recession.Most changes to the federal student aid program result from a process called reauthorization.Through the process of reauthorization, Congress examines the status of each program and decides whether to continue that program and whether a continued program requires changes in structure or purpose.

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