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Then slowly over the next two or three weeks, my headaches weren’t going away, and then I’m, “Wow, let’s put that on the back burner, I need to see if I can ever wrestle again.” At week three, [still] a consistent 24-hour headache, I may never be able to get in to the ring again.If I do, I don’t know if I could fall down, be as crisp as I was, and I’m nervous about hitting my head or anything like that.Nothing’s really changed that much, I’ve had a lot more experience as a bad guy. I feel like I’m a little more comfortable in that role.I’m still watching tape back, and seeing myself not in the best position where I should be [during matches].stars in the Elimination Chamber matches on Sunday will also be taped.Ahmed Bloch, via Flickr The Build Up and the Let-Down Dolph Ziggler has seen his WWE career shift course so many times.

Just start your online Amazon shopping at the women, it's the more sensibly-titled WWE Raw Women's Championship or WWE Smack Down Live Women's Championship.Charlotte welcomed Monday night's announcement and said that she would be looking forward to facing the winner in New Orleans.So that Wed, Digital We are looking for reports on all WWE, NXT, ROH, Impact Wrestling, Evolve, and other notable live events.If you attend a show, you are encouraged to send a report or even basic results to [email protected] WWE Smackdown Live Event White Plains, New York Results courtesy of 1.

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