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And echoing another celebrity website’s report, blogger Perez Hilton blamed Ronson for planting the drugs in Lohan’s car after the actress crashed into a tree in Beverly Hills.

Ronson professed her innocence to anyone who’d listen, but lost a libel lawsuit against Hilton and was forced to reimburse him ,000 in legal costs the following year.

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“Lilo doesn’t care that Sam’s in a long-term relationship,” an insider told Radar.

Inspired by her brother Mark Ronson (who went on to great acclaim as a producer, working with such artists as Amy Winehouse), Samantha took up DJ'ing at various clubs and parties.

And while spinning at an exclusive event in Manhattan one night, she bumped into music mogul Damon Dash, then label head of Jay-Z’s Roc-a-Fella Records, who asked her to play him her acoustic music.

“I’ve had so many rumors about me, say whatever you want,” Ronson said.

“I’ve never done drugs in my life.”From then on, the tabloids provided Lohan and Ronson with the kind of blanket surveillance that Ronson, as a self-described “socially awkward” person reluctant about fame, found intolerable.

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