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Understanding the different contraception options available, what is safe sex and what are the symptoms of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) are important to your sexual health.Finding solutions to any problems you may be having involves determining what seems to affect your sex life and then trying strategies to deal with this.Our services are free, confidential and available to anyone in England and Wales, regardless of whether the crime has been reported or how long ago it happened. Our specialist teams deliver tailored support to help people recover from the effects of crime and traumatic events.We speak up for victims’ rights, ensuring their needs are met in the criminal justice system.Getting a diagnosis of what is causing the pain can help you to know what treatment might be best for you.Learn More Libido, otherwise known as your sexual 'drive' or 'desire' varies from woman to woman and there is no right or wrong level.by Silas NOTE I needed to edit and correct this article because I’ve learned some new details.

But if you do find support, it can build intimacy and help you to manage your sexual relationship more honestly. Painful sex (dyspareunia), problems with libido, physical changes such as menopause can all impact on your sex life and your relationship.Consider having an open discussion with your partner and/or a health professional about how you feel.Finding a solution to the problem involves determining what seems to affect your libido and trying strategies to deal with this.Learn More The impact of sexual problems on a relationship can be significant.

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